There's a space where one of those dimensional indicators used to be, but there's nothing there now. We update our website regularly and add new games nearly every day! Look at the right side of the fountain, there is a spigot which is sending the glowing green water into a crack on the balcony. The cage is now up and the hole in the floor is open. You now appear to be in a bell tower. Go down twice, left four times, then up twice. I've resorted to the walkthrough and followed it step by careful step...nothing. Note that all of the rooms are red. You should have two brass tiles at this point. Go left, up, left, up, right, right and pull the lever on the big machine. Get the seal from the top right of the karmic plant. Pull up your device, then push the third down from the top left button to reveal another brass device, this one leaning to the right. Go up twice and you are finally out of the pipe. Here in the opening, you can go right. Hey Jack, the combination for the safe thing is in the game. Boasting twice as many rooms, a new puzzle and an alternate ending, the new version is something of a remix to tide you over until he creates a sequel, which he promises is on the way. To the right is a gold statue. When the lights are green and the power is running, it will give you the third tile. -Jay]. There is a porthole on the left wall and three candles as well. what are your theories? Finish looking the device, enter the room in front of you. Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. Pull up the controller and push the second from the top right button. I may be horribly wrong, but did anybody else get to such point in this game? Enter them into the box.The big brown box opens. You can try to fit your two tiles into the wheel and they lock into place. Somehow Sir Henry O'Toole's "anti-structural architecture" started growing on its own (running itself with those Sub-Bots), and Murtaugh was accidentally tangling up the layers of reality, and so on. IM NOT THE CREATOR OF THE SUBMACHINE SERIES. Go back down to the base of the right-hand spiral staircase, then go right twice. Place Elizabeth's seal in the device and pull the lever. Which one don't you have ? Don't know what to do with! Push the button that changes the device to a stone pillar (left bottom button) and use the karmic water on the stone bowl at the top of the pillar. You can go no further left right now. I have a feeling that raising the cage is the next step, but the lever underneath the detached chain does nothing. Go left into the opening in the pyramid wall. When I return to the game, even several days and a computer restart or two later, the "continue" option works just fine. cant wait for the next version of this. Human translations with examples: casino, x play, 3d games, → barbie, submachine, bug justice, snake ver 1. I hovered over the patch in the red room and nothing showed up. You are now inside the structure. 84% 72,098 plays Submachine 10: the Exit. Click on the ladder on the back wall (to the left of the candles) to go down to the next level. Eagle Pass Unblocked Games is home to all the best unblocked games for you to play at school, work or at home. One right of formerly-covered bowl (IIIIIII room). Go down once and left once. Oh, and I found the IIIIIIII tile in the area directly above the dragon statues, to the right of the bowl. The clue for this room's location appears in Escape from Jay Is Games, the only clue to a Submachine Universe location that can be found in a game outside of the Submachine series. You are now on the other side of the tile roof. Notice the smaller, open circle halfway down the object's base. There is another one of those Egyptian eyes on the wall. Use the button with your controller to fill the last slot. This rope and pulley system connects to the one where you placed the lever. Go right twice, down the pipe, right four times, and up again. Go left eight times until you hit that area with the red debris and the grating going down. Destroy the whole section? Go right, then go forward to look at Murtaugh's tomb. I needed it for the room with the ripped off panel. were we talking to the submachine? Find a brand new year Game 28,528 Views (Everyone) 10 Gnomes 02: Walk by Mateusz-Skutnik. There is a brass scarab on the floor, take it. Click on the brass circle to get back to Ganesh. Go left and look at the three circles on the wall. You can now. That's what the "History" secret seems to imply. Does anyone know how to get the "continue into the Submachine" ending for the newer version of this game at the Pastel Stories (the artist's) webpage? So be careful. Look closely. Above the opening is a plaque, hover your cursor over it to discover that this is Murtaugh's tomb. Please consider creating a Casual Gameplay account if you're a regular visitor here, as it will allow us to create an even better experience for you. If you push the second from the top left button on your device, the figurine becomes a brass pole with a bowl on top. Place Murtaugh's gold seal in one of the prongs on top of the device, and pull the lever. Maybe I'm just learning the Skutnik way? This time the structure is very different. cant find the bottom right hand piece! Hi everyone! The last secret can be missed if you beat the game before getting it. You are now below the room with the slanted ceiling. What was any of this about? Go down. @ Reka, Look closely at the base of the statue, there is another brass tile leaning against the base. I like Ruesiken's idea with Covert Front, so that's possible. Oh noes, someone didn't vote 5 mushrooms! Can't wait to play... Wow… I literally just played back through the whole series. Go left twice to the ladder and then down. You are in an area with a brass pole. So I thought I'd make it harder by including such a dead end. Go up, then right. Submachine 9: the Temple. But now my grey rooms, don't have a blue figurine. Go right. And if all else fails, check out the next item after the one you just used - items are listed in roughly the order I used and/or acquired them. Try all your buttons until you find the gold pillar. Hovering your mouse over an inventory item will give you its name, this can be very helpful. Once the rope is in place go down. Also because of this, it might not be directly related to the main plot, however to a point it can be interpreted through the information found in the main plot line. You are now in a blue space at the top of a ladder. Go right twice back to the pipe and the tomb, then go right again. So, the Mover, and potentially the entire Edge, seems to be in the third layer. Here is another plinth. is a leading Flash and Online game review site. travel to the center of the submachine installation. @grinnyp: Can you specify locations of secrets more? From the Egyptian eye, go left, down, and three right to the other Egyptian eye. holly. Go left twice to the hole in the wall, then go up. Click the portal to go to the top of the pyramid. Ohmygoodness this is so exciting! Place the brass sphere in that open circle and the larger circle opens up, revealing another clickable device. (Go in the door surrounded by roots, go right 2x.). But it buzzes and won't let me pick it up. i finally finished for the first time without a walkthrough.... this page only helped for the last tile, which everybody racked their brain for even the littlest clue on how to possibly get it..... well, its the first time i finished without a TOTAL walkthrough.. im just doing this to kill time until the Marlins start playing but it is VERY entertaining ROCK ON submarine. Go left four times until you are back on the balcony, then go left once to the fountain. There is a grating on the floor here. Okay, having reached the secret areas and read the secret notes, here's a little analysis: So, are we to infer that the "@mur" that sent us all those messages was some AI subroutine left over from when he was actually alive? Submachine 7 image. Thanks for your help, but the "continue" option is greyed out for me when I return to the game. They're all working in the review above. (Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Stranded in an otherworldly temple, you'll need to use your wits and your eyes to uncover its secrets in this gorgeous, clever game. With so little warning, and so soon after Submachine 10 dropped and completed the circle that led me there in the first place. Whichever 'dimension' I'm in, the wisdom gems I place inside the slot don't disappear like they're supposed to (according to the walkthrough). Go to the area right of the karmic bridge where a small shaded square where a tile once was could be seen. Once you have all five secrets, go back down the tunnel beneath the statue (to the left of the right-hand staircase). Go right from the tomb to find another plinth and another part of the story. [Edit: Thanks for pointing that out. Let's get back to the blue figurine. It has all its rungs, and has a bowl to the left of it.) 3. So let's talk Story! The circular panel (looks like it's made out glass with glyphs etched into it). Submachine (zkratka ze Submerged Machine) je herní série flashových point-and-click adventur, kterou vytvořil Mateusz Skutnik, jenž za ni získal několik významných ocenění.První díl vyšel v říjnu 2005, v prosinci 2015 vyšel závěrečný díl hlavní série. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner(s). Where is the working link to the Submachine Remix? Posted by: Click here for more information. An open platform for all web games! Click the key that appears. Click on the bust to get a stone eye. Go right. Go up again and you are in a secret room. If you go to the 4th dimension (IIIOIII) then a golden pillar will be there. Posted by: Go one left from where you got the cog wheel. It's really driving me crazy. . If you pushed the correct button the hydrant will disappear. Note: Your inventory is limited, so use items as soon as you can to keep from overloading and being unable to pick up needed items. Put the BRASS SPHERE into the circular space. hello......this was a really fun, but frusterating game.......and im just going to guess that the wisdom gem is just some kind og cheap trophy. Go left and you will find a large red landslide that fills up a doorway. You are at what looks like a window into the tiled roof of a temple. Go back up the spiral staircase, then go four spaces right. Go left to the statue, and click on its base. Take the brass key. wisdom gem device, and I have the three gems, but they don't disappear when I put them in the device! Go right three times from the top of the right-hand spiral staircase. the first, shorter bell-tower. Hey all I am having trouble figuring how to get the tile from the round thing with the green lights. But hey, it assuaged my guilt about letting Murtaugh back into the Core. That it's no longer necessary to shut down the defenses? Enter and push the button. Why do you even need the diamond of wisdom when you can basically finish the game without it? It just struck me as rather odd, since I'd never seen a thing like that before in Point & Clicks. Not as difficult as Hapland, but fun. Click on the bottle to open it. Tilt it left first then return to the Catacombs where the first grate will be open on the right. Admit it, I know you're out there! There's also a section on secrets ("Secret Things"). There is a porthole on the left wall, and a part of a stone key on the ground. You are back in the blue area. Go left from Ganesh and left again. I've tried the link for the expansion a few times now but all I get is a blank screen, any tips there? BECAUSE THERE AIN'T NO FRINGIN FRANGIN NUMBER ON THAT COIN, Seems like your playing the original, because in the remix. This will cause the tomb to open. Move the left side down. PLAY 101831; Neat Escape 147 - Security A new one from Neat Escape with lots of GAME OVER and 2 endings, so be sure to SAVE regularly. Get the seal from the mummy. Put the button into your dimensional device by clicking the button, then the device. this is how u get the spoon and what u do with it... wave your cursor over the righgt radio button (don't click) the drawer will open- take out the spoon. Put together the stone key as instructed under "PART OF STONE KEY (2)". Submachine 7: The Core still offers a lot more pieces of the puzzle, and provides a fantastic realm full of secrets to uncover them in. Game 52,965 Views (Everyone) Where is 2013? Go right. To use the brass scale, go to the upper level of the brass "eye" and go right. Is it just a red herring? Go in and use your key. Here you can get a key. Game 52,965 Views (Everyone) Where is 2013? The hole is covered by a cage which is attached to a wire that goes to a pulley near the ceiling and goes right (into the next scene). On a low structure is a brass bowl. Make sure the karmic lever (see RITUAL BRASS BOWL) is to the right. Replayed this recently and noticed a small potential clue to the nature of the earlier games that people seem to have missed: Near the end, when inside the Mover, if one swaps away from the third layer the Mover entirely disappears, leaving only darkness and the karma portal. taking the blue one looks like it ends you up on "The Island"... and taking the red one ends you up somewhere else on "The Island's 'Facilities' ". game description by Jay at Submachine 3 is a point-and-click game of exploration and puzzle solving created by Mateusz Skutnik and hosted by Arcade Town. Go right twice to the room with the broken ladder. Oh well. The game takes place immediately after Submachine 5: The Root. (I did this after accessing the eighth layer.) No link dropping, no domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise! There is a ladder rung on the floor, take it. January 14, 2007 2:36 PM. The Submerged Machine, better known as The Submachine series is a series of point-and-click adventure games, created by Mateusz Skutnik, and first released in September 2005. Go down again. Please consider creating a Casual Gameplay account if you're a regular visitor here, as it will allow us to create an even better experience for you. Go left four times until you reach the room with the brass wheel. When you reach the end of the rope, go down again to hit the bottom. You cannot remove it and you will have to restart the game to get it again. Submachine (zkratka ze Submerged Machine) je herní série flashových point-and-click adventur, kterou vytvořil Mateusz Skutnik, jenž za ni získal několik významných ocenění.První díl vyšel v říjnu 2005, v prosinci 2015 vyšel závěrečný díl hlavní série. There were a couple of things that I found but couldn't use, but then never went back for them. hi people ! On the floor of the room is a brass bowl, take it. i only found 3/5 secrets though... looks like ill be going back in! Click on the switch. Go right. Go all the way to the right from where you found the SW quadrant. You can go in and down to another area. question was (or what that has to do with anything else in the story), or who the man who "said he knew what was happening after Murtaugh left" is, or why the third dimension was less important than the "original," or who those people in Layer 8 who apparently need the Defense Systems to be deactivated are, or any of that stuff... okay, that's not what the story is "about," whatever. It was easy and I didn't use any spoiler in this game. Go down, then left, then up. Go down twice and click on the small ball on the floor. wow its the same thing just two doors in the ends . You can see the faint light of another one of those shafts on the sloping ceiling. Those mysterious people are, I think, the only mystery left. i have done everything mentioned here but when i put the spoon on the bulbs the ladder didnt come down! Jun 11, 2013 - Submachine 5: The Root — The fifth episode of the Submachine series. Just one thing that bugged me. Go left four times to the room with the cage. Go up the ladder that appears when you put the STONE TABLET in place. he transcended time and space and there's not many surprises after that. Here is where that wire ends, above a blue figure. Go to that room, then press the fourth button from top right to cause an opening to appear. Use our game submission form. Haven't posted a message in awhile and I just had to say something.,,, PLEASE UNDERSTAND SITE POLICIES BEFORE POSTING COMMENTS, Weekday Escape N°281 - Christmas Special 4, To post spoilers, please use spoiler tags: . From the new switch, go up one, right one, up one, right one, up one and you'll see the new ladder. (Get to gray section by clicking the ladder in the middle of the room between the three gold blocks and the formerly-covered bowl.). Then go down two, and left one to place your tiles in the plaque. I put them in, but they just stay there. We can't reproduce that for the moment, so let's explore some more. Notice the dimensional plaque on the top right; set the device as indicated (IIIIOII) and get the BRASS SCALE from the bottom right. well... a lot of people HAVE been going thru the loop. When you short out the power go back to the room where you found the coin and a new switch will be there, click it then go back to the hatch, a ladder will be there, climb it to find wisdom. (If you just got the footed brass bowl, go up the spiral staircase, left to the stairs, up, then right until you enter the window of the temple.)